Survey Services

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning allows the surveying of field data in hazardous and complex scenarios. Data is captured with ease, accuracy and life-like visual quality.
Survey control produces a data set that records and archives information that cannot be collected using traditional methods.
3D laser scanning efficiently captures complex geometry. Call-backs are eliminated with rapid recording (360 photos) significantly reducing the chance of missed data.


Construction & Engineering Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

The demand for efficient and accurate measured surveys of existing buildings is well-established in Europe and is increasing in Australia. To provide a comprehensive set of plans at any level of detail for documentation or design purposes requires complete field measurement of a building using survey instrumentation and manual measurement.

Keltic Surveys’ data collection includes 3D scanning using total station and laser distance measurements. Plans are provided in 2D AutoCAD format, with paper copies if required. Point cloud data can be arbitrary or related to survey control and delivered in a cleaned raw point cloud format or further processed into 2D plans and multiple formats.

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